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One of our highest Values at Vineyard Dar Es Salaam is serving our city together. Below is a list of some of the ways you are invited to serve.
Kids Club
A weekly outreach to the 200+ Kids of the Livingstone Quarry in Sala Sala. Every Tuesday from 3:15-5:15pm we care for these Kids through Music, a Message, Play, Handwashing, & Food. Contact Pastor Adam or Pastor Paul for more info.
Healing on the Streets
A weekly outreach to the Sala Sala Community Areas. Every Saturday from 2-4pm Prayer and Ministry is offered at our Stall Location in the Sala Sala Market. Contact Pastor Paul for more info.
Community Groups
Every Week we Gather in Community groups to connect with God and each other. If you are interested in Hosting a Group in your area contact Pastor Adam.
A 12 week community group based course for College Students & Young Adults that are interested in finding out more about Christianity. Contact Pastor Adam for more info on our next course and how you can become involved.
Doing Stuff
When there is a month with a 5th Sunday we Serve our Community in a variety of fun, interactive and creative ways!
A course on Personal Financial management and Entrepreneurship based on Biblical Principles. Contact Pastor Adam for information on our next course.
Join Our Serving Team
There is many ways you can help 
Set-up Team
Sound & Visuals Team
Welcome Team
Youth & Children Team
Usher / Security Team
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